gomenasai... aishiteru!

Vissions of you...

It was your kiss
It was your lips on my skin, so real
I could swear it was your voice
You whispered softly to me
So perfectly, so very clear

I know you didn’t know it
I know I’m such a fool
You weren’t even there
But I was with you

Visions of you
Dancing with me
Round round round all I see

Visions of you, do you see what I do?

I’m dreaming up wishes
Wishing up dreams

I’m living with visions of you
Visions of you
It was your kiss…
It was your lips…

3 respuestas a lo que mi cabeza dice:

Jess dijo...

I love this song, lastima que no la tenga completa, y la pelicula Eating Out increible!!

Anónimo dijo...

una duda... de quien es la cancion??

Osolobocuervo. dijo...

de Jim Verraros, uno de los participantes del primer american idol!